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Sophie the Giraffe, a popular teether

A teether, teething toy, or chew toy is a device given to teething infants. Teether is evolving not only for a baby but also for adults. It has the effect of reducing the pain of irritable wisdom teeth. [1] Most modern teethers are silicone, but can also be made of wood or rubber. Some teethers are filled with a fluid or gel that can be frozen or refrigerated. They differ from pacifiers in that they are intended to be chewed, rather than sucked on.[2] They come in a variety of different shapes. Teethers may help relieve teething pain and help new teeth penetrate the gum, as well as provide a form of entertainment.[3] Studies found that chewing a teether may make teething children calmer and happier, less stressed, and less cranky.[4] Teething necklaces and teething bracelets may pose a choking hazard to infants and toddlers depending on the teething parts, and have prompted recalls.[5][6][7][8] Teethers filled with liquid have also been recalled because of bacterial contamination.[9][10] Early teethers were often teething rings.

Early twentieth century teething ring

Teething biscuits, like rusks and ladyfingers, can also be given for teething.


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