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Tegan Summer
Tegan Summer at a celebrity screening..jpg
Born London, England, United Kingdom
Occupation Producer, Screenwriter, Actor

Tegan Summer is an English producer, screenwriter, and television and film actor.

Prospect House Entertainment[edit]

With experience working both sides of the camera and the Atlantic, Summer founded Prospect House Entertainment[1] (PHE). He is currently CEO and writer | producer of PHE, a full service production company in Burbank, CA, focused on producing socially conscious and commercially-viable feature films, documentaries, and live film events. In its first development season, Prospect House Entertainment debuted with television shows for Fox Sports (Extra Time)[1] and talk show On the Bench for Setanta Sports, hosted by Sabra Williams.[2] Summer wrote and is the executive producer of Eve,[3] a documentary featuring Irene Cara and Miles Mosley that documents the lives of female teens and juvenile offenders involved in human trafficking.[1]

Prospect House Entertainment is set to shoot the psychological thriller, The Secret of Casa Matusita,[4] based on Peru’s notorious legend, starring A Clockwork Orange's Malcolm McDowell and X-Men's Bruce Davison; the Southern drama The Knights of Mary Phagan, with John Savage; [5] and is in development for the official Loretta Young biopic. [6] Prospect House Entertainment and Summer are Executive Producing Alfred Molina’s directorial debut, Sister Cities, [7] with an all-star cast that includes Molina, Liv Tyler, Academy Award nominee Jackie Weaver, David Oyelowo, and Emmy Award nominee Morena Baccarin.

Summer also created In Person - a series of Q&A film screenings and live celebrity tributes. [8] The 2014 season features Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell, sixteen stars of the James Bond franchise, including George Lazenby, the cast of the Star Trek movie franchise, and Loretta Young’s Centennial Tribute, featuring a multitude of classic and contemporary stars and directors celebrating the Oscar and Emmy Award winning actress. [9] [10] [11] Summer is on the Board of Directors for Glendale Arts [12] and the historic 1400-seat Alex Theatre.[13]

Early life[edit]

Born and brought up in London to Barbadian parents,[14] Summer's first screen roles were in Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren and EastEnders for the BBC.[15] Summer worked his way up to being one of the proud members of Action Time Television on television shows for Granada Television, Carlton Television, and the BBC. Summer is an alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts[16] in New York. He moved to Los Angeles and played C.C.H. Pounder's son in Lifetime's courtroom drama, For The People.[15] After other roles on network television and independent film, Summer was cast as a regular on the SyFy channel pilot, Saurian, and Lieutenant Ganzais on NBC's E-Ring.[15]


With his fellow cast members, Summer was an Ovation Award Best Ensemble nominee, NAACP best supporting nominee,[17] and ensemble award winner for his roles with Danny Glover and Ben Guillory’s Robey Theatre Company, in the Haitian slave trilogy For The Love Of Freedom, playing Moyse, Toussaint Louverture’s nephew, and as alleged pedophile and rapist Jim Conley in the Southern race drama, The Knights Of Mary Phagan.[17][18]


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