Teghut Mine

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Teghut Mine
Teghut Mine 2014.jpg
Open-pit mining at Teghut (summer 2014)
Teghut Mine is located in Armenia
Teghut Mine
Teghut Mine
Location in Armenia
Coordinates41°05′17″N 44°50′47″E / 41.088087°N 44.846274°E / 41.088087; 44.846274Coordinates: 41°05′17″N 44°50′47″E / 41.088087°N 44.846274°E / 41.088087; 44.846274
ProductsCopper, molybdenum
Production1.6 million tons of copper
100,000 tons of molybdenum
TypeOpen pit
Opened2014 (2014)
Active2014 - Feb 2018
Closed2018 (suspended)
CompanyVallex Group (via Armenian Copper Programme)
Year of acquisition2001

Teghut Mine is a major copper and molybdenum open-pit mine in Armenia's northern province of Lori in the village of Teghut with deposits valued at US$15.5 billion (in 2010). In December 2014, Vallex Group launched production operations at the mine, which is a US$380 million project.[1] In February 2018 Vallex Group published a statement announcing suspension of all operations and laying off nearly all staff.[2][3]

The mine is expected become comparable in size to the Kajaran Mine in southern Armenia.

Available deposits and value[edit]

The Teghut forest lies atop ore deposits containing an estimated 1.6 million tons of copper and about 100,000 tons of molybdenum.[1] In 2010, with the price of copper at US$7,500 per ton and molybdenum at US$35,000 per ton, this amounts to about US$12 billion in copper and US$3.5 billion in molybdenum. Therefore, the total value of the mine's deposits was about $15.5 billion in 2010.

Mine financing and ownership[edit]

Vallex, which is run and at least partly owned by Russian-Armenian businessman Valeri Mejlumyan, claims to have already invested almost $340 million in Teghut.[1] It has borrowed the bulk of that money from VTB, a leading Russian bank.[1]

In 2013, the company also attracted $62 million in funding from a Danish pension fund which was due to be partly or fully channeled into purchases of metallurgical equipment.[1] in 2017 Danish state agency has decided to withdraw already issued export credit guarantees to mine operators accusing its private owner of failing to comply with environmental standards.[4]

Notable incidents, statements and events[edit]

2018 February - Vallex Group declared suspension of all operations[edit]

Mine operator issued a statement declaring it will suspend all operations and lay off all workers except for few responsible for preservation of existing infrastructure.[5][2][3]

2018 January - Leak into river[edit]

By the end of January 2018 reports were published that tailing dam of got cracks and unprocessed mine waste leaks into Shongh river which became visibly polluted.[6][7][8] However minister for nature protection maintains there measurements could not determine any river pollution.[9]

2017 December - Discontent of community residents[edit]

Community residents formally demanded from Ministry of Nature Protection to cancel mine expansion project.[10]

2017 October - Funding withdrawal due to environmental issues[edit]

Danish state agency EKF has decided to withdraw already issued export credit guarantees to mine operators accusing its private owner of failing to comply with environmental standards.[11][4]

2017 August - Mine operator acknowledges environmental pollution[edit]

At the public hearings Deputy Director General Sahak Karapetyan didn't reject the fact of environmental pollution and promised to find a solution.[10]

2014 - Statements by mine operator[edit]

Vallex claims to have created about 1,300 new jobs and has pledged to build new schools and upgrade infrastructure in nearby villages.[1]

The company has said that it plans to manufacture $182 million worth of non-ferrous ore concentrates there already in 2015.[1]

Assessments before opening[edit]

Open-pit mining at Teghut will lead to the destruction of 357 hectares of rich forest, including 128,000 trees.[1] Environmentalists claim that ore crushing and enrichment will also pollute a local river and underground waters.[1]


Panoramas from September 2013[edit]

Teghut Valley and Mine. Visible are the location of the open pit mine and the ore processing facility under construction.
Western area: Teghut village and mine.
Eastern area: Teghut mine and forest
Panorama from main road a few kilometers up from the main entrance. The ore processing facility can be seen under construction on top of the hill, behind which is the tailing dump.
Panorama from main road a few kilometers up from the main entrance. The tailing dump is located behind the hill in the foreground.
Ore processing facility under construction

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