Tegla Kar

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Tegla Kar
Coordinates 30°17′34″N 81°10′34″E / 30.29278°N 81.17611°E / 30.29278; 81.17611Coordinates: 30°17′34″N 81°10′34″E / 30.29278°N 81.17611°E / 30.29278; 81.17611
Monastery information
Location Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, China
Type Tibetan Buddhist

The Tegla Kar Dzong was a fort located on a cliff above the town of Burang (also called Taklakot) in Burang County, southwestern Tibet near the Nepalese border. It seems that the Tegla Kar was built during the Zhang Zhung period which was conquered by the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo in the beginning of 7th century. It became the main fort of the kingdom of Burang in the 10th century during the reign of King Kori. The kingdom disappeared during the 15th century. After the decline of the kingdom the Dzong was converted into a convent. Tegla Kar and the nearby Simbiling Monastery was completely destroyed by artillery in 1967 during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.[1]


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