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Location Norrmalm/Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden
Status Open all year
Carl Eldh's statue of Strindberg
Astrid Lindgren statue

Tegnérlunden is a park at the border of city districts Norrmalm and Vasastan in Stockholm. It was originally erected 1890, but was re-constructed in 1940 by Erik Glemme. It is home to statues of two Swedish authors. On a hill in the parks's eastern part stands Carl Eldh's massive statue of August Strindberg, erected in 1942. A statue of Astrid Lindgren was erected in 1996. It also lies close to Enskilda Gymnasiet, one of Sweden's most prestigious schools.

Popular culture[edit]

The story of Astrid Lindgren's children's book Mio min Mio begins in Tegnérlunden. It is there that the boy Bo Vilhelm Olsson meets the genie that takes him to the Land of Faraway.

Coordinates: 59°20′17″N 18°03′16″E / 59.33806°N 18.05444°E / 59.33806; 18.05444