Tegra novaehollandiae

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Tegra novaehollandiae
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Orthoptera
Superfamily: Tettigonioidea
Family: Tettigoniidae
Genus: Tegra
Species: T. novaehollandiae
Binomial name
Tegra novaehollandiae
Haan, 1842

T.n. viridinotata
T.n. novaehollandiae
T.n. immunis


Tegra karnya (Willemse, 1933)
Locusta novaehollandiae (Haan, 1842)
Tarphe novaehollandiae (Haan, 1842)
Tegra novaehollandiae albostriata (de Jong)
Tegra novaehollandiae vittifemur (de Jong)

Tegra novaehollandiae is a grasshopper native of tropical Asia.[1][2][3]

It has also been called Tegra karnya (Willemse, 1933),[2] Locusta novaehollandiae (Haan 1842), Tarphe novaehollandiae (Haan 1842), Tegra novae-hollandiae albostriata (de Jong), Tegra novae-hollandiae vittifemur (de Jong).[4]



The subspecies T. n. viridinotata has one generation per year. It overwinters in the trunk of pear trees. Nymph and adult eat the leaves of Glochidion puberum. The eggs are laid in pear trees.[6] The mottled colors and texture if T. n. novaehollandiae allow it to blend into the bark of the trees where it is usually found, motionless, with legs and antennae thrust out in front. Some spots of green on the tegmina are said to resemble moss on the bark.[1]

When its thorax is pinched, T. n. novaehollandiae emits two large drops of a yellow fluid from openings on the dorsal surface of its protonum, as well as smaller amounts from other apertures on its body. The fluid is also produced by the tegmina when they are compressed.[1]

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