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Tegyra (Ancient Greek: Τεγύρα or Τέγυρα), also: Tegyrae (Ancient Greek: Τεγύραι, romanizedTegyrai) was a town of ancient Boeotia, the site of an oracle and temple of Apollo, who was even said to have been born there. It was located north of Lake Copais, 5 km (3 mi) northeast of Orchomenus, situated above the marshes of the river Melas. Its location has been identified near the present village Poligira.[1] It was the site of the Battle of Tegyra in 375 BCE.

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Coordinates: 38°32′03″N 22°57′28″E / 38.534199°N 22.957728°E / 38.534199; 22.957728