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Teha'apapa III
Queen regnant of Huahine
Teapapaa, Reine de Huahine.jpg
Photograph by Jules Agostini, 1895.
Queen of Huahine and Maiao
Reign 28 May 1893 – 15 September 1895
Coronation 11 June 1893
Predecessor Tehaapapa II
Successor Monarchy abolished in 1895 for French Third Republic
Born (1879-08-08)8 August 1879
Téfareri'i, Huahine
Died 27 April 1917(1917-04-27) (aged 37)
Fare, Huahine
Burial Fare
Spouse Téri'i-té-vae-ara'i a Mai
Sir Tu-ari'i-hi'o-noa
Issue Hereditary Prince Tupuna a Mai
Full name
Princess Téri'i-na-va-horo'a of Huahine
House House of Teurura'i
Father Prince Marama Teurura'i of Huahine
Mother Princess Tétua-marama of Rurutu

Princess Teri'i-na-vaha-roa (8 August 1879 – 27 April 1917) was the last sovereign monarch of the Kingdom of Huahine and Mai'ao from 1893 to 1895. Comteporary sources seems to call her Tehaapapa II instead, disregarding the ruling queen by the same name at the time James Cook visited the island.[1]


Te-ha'apapa III was a member of a royal Tahitian dynasty, the deposed royal family Teururai of Huahine.

As a Tahitian Princess, she became Queen of Huahine.

She was the last Queen of Huahine from 1893 to 1895. She was the eldest daughter of Marama Teururai, Prince Regent of Huahine by his wife Tetuanuimarama a Te-u-ru-ari'i, Princess of Rurutu.

She was crowned with the regnal name Te-ha'apapa III in 1893, and was deposed when Huahine was annexed by the French in September 1895.


She married first at Fare on 15 May 1895 (divorced 6 August 1897) to His Highness Teri'i-te-vae-a-ra'i-a-Mai, a descendant of Ma'i, the Princely House of Bora Bora and secondly on 1900 to a native minor noble man called Tini-tua a Tu-ari'i-hi'o-noa .

She had one son by her first husband and eleven other natural children through a morganatic union with Tinitua-a-Tu-Ari'i-hi-ona.

She died at Fare, 27 April 1917.


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Tehaapapa III
Born: 1879 Died: 1917
Preceded by
Teha'apapa II
Queen of Huahine
Succeeded by
French Third Republic