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Tehsil Municipal Administration

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A Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) is an organization associated with each Tehsil of Pakistan. TMAs are responsible for spatial planning and municipal services, and work closely with union councils.[1]


Key functions of a TMA include:

  • Monitoring and supervising the performances of government offices and reporting to the district government
  • Spatial planning
  • Executing and managing development plans
  • Controlling land development
  • Enforcing laws, rules, and bye-laws
  • Maintaining databases and information systems
  • Collecting taxes, fines, and penalties
  • Organizing recreational events
  • Coordinating between village and neighborhood councils
  • Regulating markets
  • Developing and managing schemes in collaboration with the district government
  • Creating strategies for developing infrastructure, improving service delivery, and implementing laws
  • Preparing and presenting reports on tehsil administration performance
  • Calling for reports from tehsil-based offices of government[2]

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