Tehuantepec District

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Tehuantepec District
Oaxaca regions and districts: Istmo to Southeast
Oaxaca regions and districts: Istmo to Southeast
Coordinates: 16°19′N 95°13′W / 16.317°N 95.217°W / 16.317; -95.217Coordinates: 16°19′N 95°13′W / 16.317°N 95.217°W / 16.317; -95.217
Country  Mexico
State Oaxaca

Tehuantepec District is located in the west of the Istmo Region of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. It includes the cities of Salina Cruz and Tehuantepec.[1]



Tehuantepec municipalities

The district includes the following municipalities:[1]

Municipality Area (km2) Total
Guevea de Humboldt 515 5,283 2,475
Magdalena Tequisistlán
Magdalena Tlacotepec 235 1165
Salina Cruz 114 76,219
San Blas Atempa 148 16,899
San Mateo del Mar 75 12,667
San Miguel Tenango 327 684
San Pedro Comitancillo 166 3,858 1,941
San Pedro Huamelula 505 8,834 546
San Pedro Huilotepec 103
Santa María Guienagati 212 2,911 684
Santa María Jalapa del Marqués
Santa María Mixtequilla
Santa María Totolapilla
Santiago Astata
Santiago Lachiguiri 674 4,361 2,339
Santiago Laollaga
Santo Domingo Chihuitán
Tehuantepec 966 57,163