Teilifís na Gaeilge (corporation)

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Teilifís na Gaeilge
Statutory Corporation
Industry Broadcasting
Founded 1 April 2007
Headquarters Baile na hAbhann, County Galway, Ireland
Key people
Peter Quinn, Chairman, Pól Ó Gallchóir, Ardstiúrthóir (Director-General)
Products Television
Revenue First accounts to be published 2008.
Owner RTÉ
Number of employees
75 - 2007
Website www.tg4.ie

Teilifís na Gaeilge is the corporation in charge of operating the Irish language television channels TG4 and Cula 4; the corporation is a public service broadcaster.

The corporation was created on 1 April 2007 in order to independently manage the TG4 television station which had up to this point been managed by Radio Telefís Éireann since 1996 when broadcasting operations commenced. In 1999, it was rebranded as TG4.

The Broadcasting Act 2009 sets out the details of the law that applies to the corporation, including the duties and functions of the board, as well as that of the chairperson of the board and the director general.

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