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Copper stater (20 mm, 7.85 g.) Obv.: Diademed head of Teiranes, legend: ΒΑCΙΛΕΩC ΤΕΙΡΑΝΟΥ. (Rev.: Laureate bust of Florian or Probus, year ΦΟΓ΄ = 573 = 276/7 ΑD.)
King of the Bosporus
Reign276 - 278
PredecessorRescuporis V
Co-regentRhescuporis V 276
Sauromates IV 276
DynastyTiberian-Julian dynasty
FatherSauromates III (?)

Teiranes (Greek: Τιβέριος Ἰούλιος Τειράνης, flourished 3rd century – died 278) was a Roman client king of the Bosporan Kingdom. Like the other late Bosporan kings, Teiranes is known only from coinage, which means his relationship to the other kings is unknown, as are details of his accession and reign. His coins are known from the period 276–278. In 276, he apparently co-ruled with his predecessor Rhescuporis V and another king, Sauromates IV.[1] It is possible that Teiranes was the son of Sauromates III and a brother Rhescuporis V.[2]

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Preceded by King of the Bosporus
With: Rhescuporis V 276
Sauromates IV 276
Succeeded by