Tejgaon College

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Tejgaon College
Tejgaon College Dhaka.jpg
Motto Assiduous, Diligent, Devoted, Creative
Type Private
Established 1961
Principal Md. Abdur Rashid
Academic staff
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Urban, 03 ha
Website http://tejgaoncollegebd.com

Tejgaon College (Bengali: তেজগাঁও কলেজ) is a college in Dhaka city, Bangladesh which was founded in 1961. It has 30,000 students.[citation needed] Tejgaon College is 50 years old.[1]

Tejgaon College is located at Farmgate, at the Dhaka city centre. It had primarily started off as a night college in a school campus at Sadarghat. After successive moves to Tejgaon Industrial Area, Alia Madrasha (Bakshi Bazaar), Polytechnic School and Al-Razee Hospital Building, it is now located at Indira Road, Farmgate, Dhaka.

It is a University College since it now offers Honours and Masters courses on 25-27 subjects under the National University. Established on over 1-acre (4,000 m2) of land, there are six multi-storeyed buildings, five six-storied buildings and one one-storied building, in addition to various other buildings in the compound. Atik Hasan Megh is a student of this College.



  1. Accounting
  2. BBA
  3. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  4. Botany
  5. Chemistry
  6. CSE
  7. Economics
  8. English
  9. Finance and Banking
  10. Geography
  11. History
  12. Home Economics
  13. Islamic History
  14. Islamic Studies
  15. LLB ( Opening soon)
  16. Management
  17. Marketing
  18. Mathematics
  19. Pharmacy ( Opening soon )
  20. Philosophy
  21. Physics
  22. Political Science
  23. Psychology
  24. Social Work
  25. Sociology
  26. Statistics
  27. Theatre and Media Studies
  28. Tourism and Hospitality Management
  29. Zoology


  1. Accounting
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Chemistry
  4. Economics
  5. English
  6. Finance and Banking
  7. Geography
  8. Islamic Studies
  9. Management
  10. Marketing
  11. Mathematics
  12. Political Science
  13. Psychology
  14. Social Work
  15. Sociology

Co curricular activities[edit]

Tejgaon College has several organ for co curricular activity.

1. Quality Improvement & International Tourist Club(QIITC), Tejgaon College
2. Debate Club
3. Satyan Bose Science Club
4. Sangeet Club

Quality Improvement & International Tourist Club(QIITC)[edit]

Quality Improvement & International Tourist Club(QIITC), Tejgaon College is the most active organ of the college. Principal Md. Abdur Rashid always support the organization from beginning. The member of QIITC join national and international student quality competition and tour internationally. Every year Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management arrange a national convention and QIITC join the convention. [2]

Facilitator: SA Faraque Ahmed ( Chairman, Department of Theatre and Media Studies)
co-ordinator: Dr. AKM Fazlul Hoque

Group leader: Abdul Malek
Deputy Group Leader: Sabuj Arjo Mondal

  • Member of the Club
In 2013 Tejgaon College students were attending in International Convention on Students' Quality Control Circle in Lucknow, India


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