Tekirdağ Province

Coordinates: 41°05′11″N 27°21′28″E / 41.08639°N 27.35778°E / 41.08639; 27.35778
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Tekirdağ Province
Tekirdağ ili
Tekirdağ Governorship
Tekirdağ Governorship
Official logo of Tekirdağ Province
Location of the province within Turkey
Location of the province within Turkey
 • MayorKadir Albayrak (CHP)
 • ValiRecep Soytürk
6,190 km2 (2,390 sq mi)
 • Density180/km2 (480/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (TRT)
Area code0282

Tekirdağ Province (Turkish: Tekirdağ ili, pronounced [teˈciɾdaː]) is a province and metropolitan municipality of Turkey. Its area is 6,190 km2,[2] and its population is 1,142,451 (2022).[1] It is located in the East Thrace region of the country, also known as European Turkey, one of only three provinces entirely within continental Europe. Tekirdağ Province is bordered by Istanbul Province to the east, Kırklareli Province to the north, Edirne Province to the west, and the Gallipoli peninsula of Çanakkale Province to the south. Tekirdağ is the capital of the province, and the third largest city in European Turkey after Istanbul and Çorlu.


The province of Tekirdağ is one of Turkey's the most important regions for viticulture and winemaking. The coastline between Tekirdağ and Şarköy, particularly Mürefte, are notable centers of wineyards. 22 of the 27 villages of Şarköy grow grape and produce wine. There are well-known wine producers in the region, including "Doluca", "Gülor", "Kutman", "Bağcı" and "Latif Aral". Other wine producers of the region are "Melen" in Hoşköy and "Umurbey" in Tekirdağ.[3]

Districts of Tekirdağ Province
Districts of Tekirdağ Province

Places of Interest[edit]

  • Şahinköy Church



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41°05′11″N 27°21′28″E / 41.08639°N 27.35778°E / 41.08639; 27.35778