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Växjö, Kronoberg County
Coordinates 56°52′59″N 14°49′00″E / 56.88306°N 14.81667°E / 56.88306; 14.81667
Type Public
Established 2016
School district Växjö
Principal Ulrika Boström, Johan Krantz, Anna Lantz, Magnus Nilsson
Grades 10th, 11th and 12th
Number of students 800(2006)
Nickname Teknis

Teknikum is a secondary school ("gymnasium") in Växjö, Sweden.

The school was founded in 1961 as an engineering school, offering three-year programs in mechanical, chemical, electrical and construction engineering, with an optional fourth year providing the degree of gymnasieingenjör. Although the latter was a professional degree (awarded until 1992), a large share of the students continued their education at university level, e.g. as Master of Science in Engineering.

Since the 1990s the focus on engineering has diminished, and the school offers a wide range of secondary level educational programs.

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