Tekor Church

Coordinates: 40°22′17″N 43°24′53″E / 40.371389°N 43.414722°E / 40.371389; 43.414722
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Church of Saint Sarkis, Tekor
Tekor Basilica in an engraving from the 1840s
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
Statuscompletely destroyed by local Turkish municipality
LocationDigor, Turkey
Tekor Church is located in Turkey
Tekor Church
Shown within Turkey
Geographic coordinates40°22′17″N 43°24′53″E / 40.371389°N 43.414722°E / 40.371389; 43.414722
Groundbreaking5th century
Completed10th century

The Church of Saint Sarkis in Tekor (also known as the Tekor Basilica Armenian: Տեկորի տաճար) was a 5th-century Armenian church built in historical Armenia.[1] It was located facing the town of Digor in the Kars Province of Turkey, about 16 kilometers west of the Armenian border. Tekor was a three aisled basilica with a dome. It was severely damaged by earthquakes in 1912 and 1936, and later damaged by vandalism. Now only the lower parts of the rubble and concrete core of the walls remain, the facing stone apparently removed to build the town hall (now itself demolished) in the 1960s. The inscription dating the building to the 480s was the oldest known writing in the Armenian language.[2]

Architectural significance[edit]

Plan of Tekor Basilica

The Basilica of Saint Sarkis is significant in Armenian architectural history because its stone dome was among the earliest to be constructed in Armenia. Until its destruction, Tekor was the oldest extant domed church in Armenia.[3]


See also[edit]

  • Yererouk, a contemporaneous 4th-5th century Armenian basilica about 18 kilometres northwest of Digor, in Armenia.


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