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Teksty z Ulicy is a Polish language academic journal covering modern folklore and focusing on internet memes in recent years. It is referred to as the only Polish scientific forum for this discipline.[1][2][3]

The first issue was published in 1995 with a subtitle of Zeszyt folklorystyczny (English: folklore issue), under the editorship of Dionizjusz Czubala and his wife Marianne Oterman-Czubalinę, who died the same year.[4] Dobrosława Wężowicz-Ziółkowska replaced Oterman-Czubalinę as co-editor of sporadic annual issues under this subtitle until 2003. Czubala edited the following issue as sole editor, under the same subtitle.

In 2003 Dobrosława became the editor-in-chief and published the 2004 issue under the subtitle Zeszyt kulturoznawczy,[5] with Elena Yazykova as co-editor. The following issues have used the subtitle Zeszyt memetyczny, with Michał Noszczyk as co-editor.[6]


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