Tel al-Sultan

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This article is about a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. For other locations with the same name, see Tell al-Sultan.
Tel al-Sultan
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic معسكر تل السلطان
 • Also spelled Tall as Sultan Camp; Tel es-Sultan (official)
Tel Al-Sultan Camp (unofficial)
Tel al-Sultan is located in the Palestinian territories
Tel al-Sultan
Tel al-Sultan
Location of Tel al-Sultan within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°18′32.32″N 34°14′35.17″E / 31.3089778°N 34.2431028°E / 31.3089778; 34.2431028Coordinates: 31°18′32.32″N 34°14′35.17″E / 31.3089778°N 34.2431028°E / 31.3089778; 34.2431028
Governorate Rafah
 • Type Refugee Camp
Population (2006[1])
 • Jurisdiction 24,418

Tel al-Sultan or Tall as-Sultan (Arabic: معسكر تل السلطان‎‎) is one of eight Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. It is located in the Rafah Governorate just north of Rafah city and Rafah Camp.[2] It was established mainly to absorb refugees repatriated from Canada Camp.[3]

UNRWA does not make a distinction between Rafah Camp and Tall as-Sultan.[3] The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2006 mid-year estimate for Tall as-Sultan is 24,418.[1]