Tel Aviv City Hall

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Tel Aviv City Hall
Rabin Squre eco pool.jpg
Tel Aviv City Hall, view from Rabin Square
General information
Architectural style Brutalism
Location69 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Design and construction
ArchitectMenahem Cohen

Tel Aviv City Hall (Hebrew: בית עיריית תל אביבBeit Iriyat Tel Aviv) is the municipal government center of Tel Aviv, Israel. It houses the mayor's office, the meeting chambers and offices of the Tel Aviv City Council.


Old Tel Aviv City Hall, 1930s

The Tel Aviv municipality was initially located on Rothschild Boulevard. When more office space was needed, the municipality rented a hotel on Bialik Street, near the home of national poet Chaim Nachman Bialik, which had been built by the Skura family in 1924. The hotel had opened for business in 1925 but was deemed unprofitable due to the lack of tourists. In 1928, the municipality bought the hotel. Later, it housed a courthouse on the ground floor.[1]

A new city hall was designed in the 1950s by architect Menachem Cohen, in the Brutalist style. The Kings of Israel square (now known as Rabin Square), a large plaza at the foot of the building was designed as a central area for public events and ceremonies.[2] It is located on Ibn Gabirol Street.

Restored historical city hall, 2007

In 1972, the old Skura building was converted into a museum for the history of Tel Aviv. In 2006, the municipality hired an architectural firm to carry out restoration work on the building.[3]


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