Tel River

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The Tel river flows in Nabarangpur, Kalahandi, Balangir, Sonpur District of Odisha, India. Tel is an important tributary of Mahanadi. It flows just eight kilometers away from the town of Titilagarh. This significant tributary of the Mahanadi river meets the main river at Sonepur or Subarnapur. The convergence of the two rivers offers a remarkable view against a colorful landscape. Baidyanath temple, which is famous for the Kosaleshwar Shiva temple, is located on the left bank of the Tel River.

Source: The Tel river originates in plain and open country in the koraput district of Odisha, India.

Coordinates: 20°50′N 83°54′E / 20.833°N 83.900°E / 20.833; 83.900