Tel Yitzhak

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Tel Yitzhak

תֵּל יִצְחָק
The Massuah Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Kibbutz Tel Yitzhak.jpg
Tel Yitzhak is located in Central Israel
Tel Yitzhak
Tel Yitzhak
Coordinates: 32°15′8.64″N 34°52′8.76″E / 32.2524000°N 34.8691000°E / 32.2524000; 34.8691000Coordinates: 32°15′8.64″N 34°52′8.76″E / 32.2524000°N 34.8691000°E / 32.2524000; 34.8691000
CouncilHof HaSharon
AffiliationHaOved HaTzioni
Founded byGalician immigrants

Tel Yitzhak (Hebrew: תֵּל יִצְחָק, lit. Yitzhak Hill) is a kibbutz in central Israel. Located in the coastal plain to the south-east of Netanya, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof HaSharon Regional Council. In 2018 it had a population of 1,017.[1]


The kibbutz was established in 1938 by General Zionist immigrants[2] from Galicia as part of the tower and stockade settlement campaign. It was named after Yitzhak Steiger, a leader of HaNoar HaTzioni in Galicia.

Masua, a center for Holocaust research and commemoration, was established on the kibbutz.[3]

Nature reserve[edit]

Southwest of the kibbutz is an 8-dunam nature reserve established in 1968[4] to protect flora and fauna native to the Sharon plain.[5] Flora includes Ceratonia siliqua, Calicotome villosa, Thymelaea hirsuta, Prasium majus, Anagyris, and Lavandula stoechas.


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