Tela chorioidea

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Tela chorioidea (or tela choroidea) is a structure found in the ventricles of the brain.

Types include:

Tela chorioidea of the lateral ventricle[edit]

Produces the choriodea fissure. It is a double-layered fold of pia mater intervening between:[citation needed]

  1. the body of the fornix (above) and
  2. the upper surface of the two thalami and the roof of the third ventricle (below).

It contains the choroid plexuses which invaginate into:[citation needed]

  1. The body of the each lateral ventricle through the choroid fissure (between the fornix and the thalamus).
  2. The third ventricle through its ependymal roof.

It also contains the right and left internal cerebral veins (which drain the choroid plexuses) at its roof (the two veins unite to form the great cerebral vein).[citation needed]

The arteries carrying blood into the choroid plexuses are:[citation needed]

  1. the anterior choroidal artery (branch from the internal carotid).
  2. the posterior choroidal artery (branch from the posterior cerebral artery).