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Telarus, Inc.

Commercial telecommunications

Internet Service Provider
Founded June 12, 2002 (2002-06-12)
Headquarters Sandy, Utah, United States
Key people

Adam V. Edwards
(co-Founder, CEO)
Patrick K. Oborn
Richard A. Murray
(co-Owner, COO)
Bryce Hayes
(SVP Operations)
Scott Forbush
(SVP Sales)

Zane Christensen
Roger Blohm
(President - VXSuite)
Products Network, cloud, cyber security, contact center services, GeoQuote telecommunications service analysis software
Services International distributor (master agent) of commercial telecom and cloud-based products
Number of employees

Telarus, LLC. is an American sales agency that holds contracts with commercial network, cloud, and cyber security providers, and consolidates the sales volume of a network of independent sales agents. As a master agent, Telarus functions as the top layer in the two-tier distribution model that is recognized as a key success factor in sales of business voice and data services.[1] The company also develops patented software to facilitate its price searches for voice and data telecommunications services.


Telarus was founded in June 2002[2] in Huntington Beach, California by Adam Edwards and Patrick Oborn. The focus of the company was to offer improved service to commercial telecommunications clients.

Operating originally as a telecommunications reseller, Telarus generated leads using web and search engine marketing. They followed up on each lead, contacted the T1 carrier for pricing, and compiled each quote by hand.[3]

Frustrated by this slow and cumbersome process of gathering information for prospective customers, Edwards and Oborn realized that to achieve scale, automation of price quoting was required. Oborn, who studied electrical and computer engineering at Brigham Young University,[4] and had experience as the web master of Cognigen, recognized the potential of an automated sales process, and he set out with Edwards to do the same for commercial telecom pricing research.[5]

In 2003, Oborn designed the initial concept for what was to be called GeoQuote[6] - software that allows a user to access multiple carrier price options with a single search. Oborn partnered with Aaron Lieberman to write the code that could compute pricing based upon loop distance (the distance from the customer's central office to the carrier point of presence) or through direct access to a carrier pricing Application Programming Interface (API).[7] screenshot
Sample output of a T1 price quote as shown on

The prototype of GeoQuote was completed in August 2003.[8] The software was embedded in Telarus' public-facing, real-time price research tool called[9]

In November 2003, Telarus, Inc. filed for a United States provisional patent to protect the idea and coding architecture behind the GeoQuote concept. On September 30, 2004 Telarus filed the non-provisional patent application, which was accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 24, 2009. GeoQuote is now protected by US Patent Number(s) 7,496,184[10] and 7,916,844[11]

In 2008, the company announced that it was adding the world's first fiber route mapping capabilities to GeoQuote.[12]

As of April 14, 2018, GeoQuote provides pricing for the following telecom products: cable high-speed internet, business DSL, data T1, bonded T1, data DS3, wireless 3G, local voice / PRI, integrated voice/data, integrated SIP, long distance T1/DS3, Ethernet over copper, and Hosted PBX.[13]

On May 20, 2011, Telarus relocated its headquarters to Centennial Plaza Tower in Sandy, Utah.[14]

In 2014, in an effort to appeal to more IT Solution Providers, MSPs, and phone system VARs, Telarus added two new programs: Engineering and Customer Base Management.[15]

In 2015 Telarus acquired the VXSuite assets of LVM, Inc., and begun offering free monitoring on all carrier circuits sold through their supplier agreements. Telarus also incorporated several members of the VXSuite management team into its own.[16]

In 2017 Telarus acquired rival master agent, CarrierSales, in an all-stock transaction. The deal increased both the staff and revenue of Telarus by 50%. As of April 2018, Telarus is the largest privately held master agent in the United States.[17] Richard Murray, president of CarrierSales, is now the COO of the combined Telarus.[18]

Telecom supplier partners[edit]

Telarus carries contracts with 161 business telecom providers, including:

Media and awards[edit]

Members of the Telecom Association voted Telarus the best master agent in 2017, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008,[42] 2009, 2010, and 2012.[43][44]

In addition, Telarus, Inc. has been recognized for the following:

Year Organization Award
2015 Level 3 Communications Elite Sales Partner[45]
2014 CenturyLink Premier Elite Partner[46]
2013 Earthlink Top Channel Sales Agency[47]
2013 Windstream Communications Top Channel Sales Agency[48]
2013 CRN Magazine Top Channel Chief[49]
2012 Telecom Association Top Master Agent[50]
2012 CRN Magazine Top Channel Chief[51]
2011 AboveNet Fastest Growing Agent[52]
2011 Comcast Business First Channel Partner[53]
2010 tw telecom Top Master Agent
2010 Level 3 Communications Top Direct Agent (West)[54]
2010 Telecom Association Top Master Agent[55]
2010 Windstream (NYSE: WIN) Top Agent[56]
2010 MegaPath Top Agent[57]
2010 Telnes Top Agent
2010 PHONE+ Magazine Top Channel Manager - Michael Gottwalt[58]
2010 PHONE+ Magazine Top 50 Channel Program[59]
2007 Covad Top Agent[60][61]


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