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Logo used until 2004
Launched 13 August 1994
Closed 13 August 2004
Country Romania
Language Romanian
Broadcast area Romania
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania

Tele7abc (Romanian pronunciation: [ˌtele ˈʃapte ˌabeˈt͡ʃe]) is a defunct television station in Romania, which became popular in the 1990s and stopped airing in 2005. It was famous for airing such series as The Addams Family, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Knight Rider, The A-Team, MacGyver, Kung Fu, and The Incredible Hulk. Tele7ABC was the broadcaster of Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour concert in 1996 in Bucharest.

It was the beginning of stars like Mircea Badea, Teo Trandafir, Dan Diaconescu and Radu Coşarcă.[1]

It died after getting in the control of Florin Călinescu. Soon after, most of its movies were transferred to other stations, Tele7 remaining only with religious B rated movies and similar shows.

In 2003, the station temporarily closed its gates with the message that the workers were not paid in months, and they had neither any adequate sanitary facilities. Soon after, the station closed down for good.