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Launched December 18, 2012
Owned by MyPinoy TV Broadband Inc.
Country Philippines
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters San Juan City, Philippines
Cignal Digital TV (Nationwide) TeleAsia Filipino: Channel 12
TeleAsia Chinese: Channel 84

TeleAsia is a Filipino entertainment cable channel based in the Philippines. TeleAsia brings Asianovela from Korea, Taiwan, China and the rest of Asia, as well as Pinoy remakes of Asianovelas. TeleAsia is owned by MyPinoy TV Broadband Inc. in partnership with Telesuccess Inc.

TeleAsia is available in 2 separated channels: TeleAsia Chinese (broadcast in Mandarin and Hokkien language) and TeleAsia Filipino (broadcast in Tagalog language).

TeleAsia Chinese will become a second Chinese Channel in the Philippines.


This is a list of general entertainment programs broadcast on the premium television channel TeleAsia Filipino and TeleAsia Chinese. All programmes listed below are dubbed in Filipino for Teleasia Filipino and in original Mandarin and Cantonese audio as well as dubbed in Mandarin and Hokkien with subtitles for TeleAsia Chinese as the channel is only broadcast in the Philippines.

Each program is listed with its most notable/original title with the channel's designation, year of airing and other notes in the parentheses.


*: First Philippine airing on the channel
+: First aired on different channel in the Philippines and dubbed in English
: Previously discontinued but returning series

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