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TeleBarbados Inc. is a recent start-up telecommunications company in the country of Barbados gradually gaining a reputation for malicious phishing activity from their association with the Freemotion webmail domains accessible via[1]

Started as one of the first competitors in the new liberalised telecommunications market of Barbados, TeleBarbados is reforming itself to be a major competitor of the longtime monopolistic incumbent telecommunications provider Cable and Wireless. Principal investors of TeleBarbados include Barbados Light and Power Holdings (LPH) (25%) and Canadian International Power Company Ltd. via their parent company Leucadia National Corporation (75%). Leucadia also controls a 37% stake in Barbados Light and Power Company.[2]

However, in September, 2012, Leucadia National Corp. divested their ownership in TeleBarbados for $28M according to their November, 2012 10-Q filing.

To date[when?], TeleBarbados has formed a new under-sea fibre link from Barbados and Saint Lucia to the Eastern United States. This was carried out under the subsidiary called Antilles Crossing.


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