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Developer(s) INOVA
Initial release February, 2002
Stable release 2013 (7.5.0) / May, 2013
Platform AutoCAD 2012
License Proprietary

TeleCAD-GIS is a scalable, Autodesk-based, CAD/GIS solution for both national and regional (local) telecommunications infrastructure networks planning, design, documenting and maintenance. It is specifically suitable for telecommunications service providers and their outsourcing partners throughout 3rd World and developing countries as it offers standard, compatible and low-cost solutions powered by widely adopted and worldwide proven technologies.

General features: Provides means for modern OSP (OutSide Plant) copper-based and fiber-optics telecommunications networks design and further implementation. By definition, OSP represents all telecom equipment and services related to the network installation from the exchange Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) to the subscriber premises (or to other MDF/ODF).

Available modules: TeleCAD-GIS has several software modules dealing with various areas of customer-owned outside plant design; OSP right-of-way and route design; OSP space design; underground, direct-buried, and aerial plant design; OSP cabling hardware and OSP grounding, bonding and electrical protection systems; Automated switching and support systems design, etc. Each software module provides customized tools for specific network topology design, dimensioning, analysis and simulation.

Example of a copper access network designed using TeleCAD-GIS tools

Compatibility and Reusability: Applications maintains direct reusability of processings and resulting data within Telcos sub-systems (ERP, SAP...), as a first milestone towards successful corporate system maintenance, exploitation and management. Compatibility of TeleCAD-GIS processings within wide spectrum of national-level cadastral databases and services (geodesy, spatial planning, other infrastructure systems...).

Other features:

  • Offers catalogues of standards, copper and fiber-optic cables, symbols, materials, passive and active network elements, cable shafts, conduits and ducts, etc.
  • Live Update option keeps users up to date with regional Telcos' and producers' databases of standards, materials and components.
  • Available tools for a wide range of OSP network analyses and optimizations, specifications and BOM production, network scaling, cost fitting and predictions, etc.
  • Specifically suited optional tools for geodetic plans and cadastral maps precise calibration, georeferencing, indexing and storing for further corporate use.

TeleCAD-GIS Enterprise[edit]

TeleCAD-GIS Enterprise was designed using Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) standards, requirements and guidelines. It is based on business functions defined by Telco's Enterprise Business Architecture and accompanying Business Model, extending across corporate boundaries.

TeleCAD-GIS Enterprise Architecture Overview

General features: New advancements in architecture tools and methodologies, such as visualization and Web publishing, provide improved IT analysis and communication. An Oracle-based GIS repository acts as a central place where data is stored and maintained and includes information about business processes, data and systems, including data elements, processes, inputs, outputs and interrelationships. Most importantly, the repository forms an integrated strategic information base that supports traceability of data down to the technical or source level. Generally, information users or stakeholders receive software tools divided into three levels: Strategic (investment strategy and portfolio management), Operational (business process support) and Technical (targeting systems and applications).

TeleCAD-GIS skall inte förväxlas med företaget TeleCAD Systems som utvecklade AutoCAD applikationen Teleregistrering.