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TeleComputing ASA
Public (OSE: TCO)
Industry Information technology
Headquarters Asker, Akershus, Norway
Area served
Revenue Increase NOK 475 million (2006)
NOK 30 million (2006)
NOK 42 million (2006)
Number of employees
860 (2015)
Website (in Norwegian)

TeleComputing (OSE: TCO) is a Norway-based international information technology operation, outsourcing and consultancy service company that provides services in Norway, Russia and Sweden, including IT on demand and software as a service services.

The company is based in Asker, Akershus, has 860 employees and provides services to 770 companies.

It has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 2000, and has grown partially due to its consolidation in the Norwegian and Swedish market.[1] [2]

In 2017 Sopra Steria buys the system development company Kentor.

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