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Launched January 11, 1995
Closed September 18, 2006
Country Russia

Teleexpo (Russian: Телеэкспо) was one of the first commercial television channels in Russia. It was founded by the government of Moscow and by the commercial house Mosexpo. It began broadcasting on September 1, 1993 on Channel 33 on the UHF band.


Initially, much of the material broadcast was a duplication of that sent out on Petersburg - Channel 5. The station was broadcast in Moscow on Channel 5 and blocked the reception of Petersburg Channel 5 in the Moscow area. The time of broadcasting was initially from 00:30 to 12:30 daily.

The broadcasting of this channel ceased in September 2006 for commercial and political reasons. Channel 33 UHC and Channel 5 now broadcast Groove TV.


Originally, it focused on music and entertainment. In the first year of broadcasting, it broadcast the programs Alive and A-Erotic, and soon added more television series, predominantly those produced in Mexico. In May 1996 the channel began to show art films and television concerts. At the same time, TeleExpo began to be listed in all television guides. By 1998 it increasingly began to focus on music, and by that summer was broadcasting musical programming almost exclusively. On September 26, 1998, Teleexpo began to transmit MTV Russia in the morning and at night.