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Tele München Gruppe
GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Media
Founded 27 April 1970
Headquarters Munich
Key people
Herbert G. Kloiber
Herbert L. Kloiber
Revenue €286 million[1] (2015)
€56 million[1] (2015)

The Tele München Gruppe (TMG) is a media company based in Munich.

The activities of the TMG include trade in licenses, investments in television and radio stations and distribution and production of television films and movies. TMG has one of the largest film libraries in Europe.[citation needed]


Headquarters of TMG in Munich

The Tele München GmbH was founded on April 27, 1970 by author and producer Walter Ulbrich. It was purchased in 1977 by Herbert Kloiber and his business partner Fritz Buttenstedt. In 1980 the Concorde Filmverleih (Concorde film distribution) was founded and a year later, in 1981, the company acquired along with the cinema operator Hans-Joachim Flebbe several movie theaters in Hamburg, Berlin and Braunschweig.

1985 TMG was partner at the television station Sat.1, but after a year sold its shares, and started the TV station musicbox. In the same year TMG took over the Munich private radio station Radio Xanadu, which was later renamed to Radio Energy.

In 1987, Silvio Berlusconi’s company Fininvest acquired 50 percent of musicbox. This was the basis for the channel Tele 5. In 1988, Axel Springer Publishing House and CLT became partner at TMG. In 1989, 50 percent from the company were sold to Capital Cities / ABC.

1991 TMG sold its shares in Tele 5 to the Axel Springer Publishing House and in 1992 founded, together with CLT, Bertelsmann, Bauer Media Group and The Walt Disney Company, the TV channel RTL II. In 1995, the television station Tm3 was founded by TMG and the Bauer Media Group.[2]

In 1996, Herbert Kloiber bought back the TMG shares from Capital Cities / ABC, and took over the shares of Bauer Media Group on Tm3. In 1997, TMG participated in the Hungarian private broadcaster TV2.[3]

In 1998, Rupert Murdoch's company News Corporation took over 66 percent of Tm3 and two years later, in 2000, took over Tm3 completely.[4]

On 28 April 2002, the channel Tele 5 was restarted by TMG.



  • TM Distribution
  • TM International
  • Concorde Filmverleih (Munich)
  • Concorde Home Entertainment (Munich)
  • CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising (Munich)[5]



  • Clasart Film (Munich)
  • Clasart Television
  • Clasart Classic
  • Prisma Entertainment Production[5]

Other interests[edit]

  • CineMedia Film AG (post-production)
  • Odeon Film[6]
  • On Demand Deutschland[5]

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