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Industry Television
Founded 1991
Headquarters Patras, Greece

TeleTime is a Greek local television station serving Western Greece. It includes the prefectures of Achaia, Aitoloakarnania, Ilia, Kefalonia, Lefkada and Zakynthos. Its headquarters are in Patras. It offers movies as well as local programs and programs from Greece, as well as children's programs and animated series from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.


It had broadcast programs from Seven X as it was its affiliate, in the early 2000s, much of the schedule was replaced when it no longer broadcast satellite channels and began broadcasting music videos in the morning, around 2005 to 2006, the morning show was introduced in the Peloponnese and Western Greece. The ownership once belonged to the journalist Giorgos Tragkas. In 2008, the station was bought by Patrinos Theodoros Kamberos, head of Kamberos, owner of the paper I Imera and the radio station Radio Gamma. The channel features and feature Anastassopoulos, Karvouniaris, Efthymiou, Bairaktaris, etc. TeleTime also has a company with its channel that of Channel 10 (now SBC TV) in the Attica prefecture.

Logo and slogan[edit]

Its logo was formerly with two Ts and striped, the name of the station later appeared at the bottom in 1995 and changed text several times. It lost its logo and its current logo is with a triangle facing upside down coloured lavender-pink and Tele Time in two lines to the right. Its historic slogans has been The Power of Television (I Dynami (or Dinami) tis Tileorasis).

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