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Telecom Infra Project
Telecom Infra Project.jpeg
FormationFebruary 2016
Type501(c)(6) non-profit
PurposeCollaborative telecom technologies community for design, build and implementation
T-Mobile, Broadcom, Bell Canada, SK Telecom, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, + 500 others
Intel, Facebook, Nokia, Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone, Telefonica, BT Group

Telecom Infra Project (TIP) was formed in 2016 as an engineering-focused, collaborative methodology for building and deploying global telecom network infrastructure, with the goal of enabling global access for all.[1]

TIP is jointly steered by its group of founding tech and telecom companies, which forms its board of directors, and is chaired by Deutsche Telekom AG's vice-president of technology innovation, Axel Clauberg. Member companies host technology incubator labs and accelerators, and TIP hosts an annual infrastructure conference, TIP Summit.[2]

The organization adopts transparency of process and collaboration in the development of new technologies,[3] by its more than 500 participating member organizations, including operators, suppliers, developers, integrators, startups and other entities,[4] that participate in various TIP project groups. Projects employ current case studies to evolve telecom equipment and software into more flexible, agile, and interoperable forms.[5][6][7]

Projects and project groups[edit]

With telecom technology disaggregated into Access, Backhaul, and Core & Management, each project group focused on one of these three specific network areas. Past and present projects include:

  • OpenRAN — enabling open ecosystem of GPP-based RAN solutions, chaired by Andrew Dunkin and Adam Boustany.
  • Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Networks — creating low-cost hardware and software tools, and best practices, to streamline municipal mmWave networks, chaired by Salil Sawhney and Andreas Gladisch.
  • Power and Connectivity — global connectivity through global electricity, chaired by Cesar Hernandex Perez and Jamie Yang.
  • System Integration and Site Optimization — system integration and cost-analysis, chaired by Dr. Sanket Nesargi and Emre Tepedelenlioglu.
  • Solutions Integration — development of an interoperable RAN architecture, chaired by Dr. G. Wan Choi.
  • Open Optical & Packet Transport — dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) interoperable transport architecture project, chaired by Hans-Juergen Schmidtke and Victor Lopez. The DWDM Voyager optical switch, developed and tested live by member companies Facebook and Vodafone, respectively, is the first white box transponder and routing device for open packet DWDM optical networks.[8][9][10]

Community Labs[edit]

Various TP member companies provide dedicated space for its project groups as "TIP Community Labs," facilitating collaborative projects between member companies in the development of telecom infrastructure.[11]

TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers[edit]

TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers (TEACs) are global technology innovation centers sponsored by one or more member organizations that connect startups to venture capitalists. TEACs are hosted in Seoul, Germany, Paris and the UK.[12][13]

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