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Telecom North America Inc.
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2002 (as 3U Telecom Inc)
Founder Jean Gottschalk & Herve Andrieu
Headquarters Henderson, Nevada, USA
Area served
United States
Key people
Gregory Gundelfinger, President & Mathew Stein, Secretary
Products Wireless

Telecom North America Inc is an interexchange carrier licensed in all states of the USA and in all provinces of Canada. It was created on March 27, 2002, as the American subsidiary of 3U Telecom AG, a German telecom provider (Xetra: The company headquarters are located in Henderson, Nevada.


Telecom North America Inc was incorporated in Nevada on March 27, 2002 as the subsidiary of 3U Telecom AG, a German long distance telephone provider offering services in seven countries across Europe. After a change of management in 3U Telecom AG in 2004, 3U Telecom AG sold its international subsidiaries to Elephant Talk Communications, while keeping its Austrian and US subsidiary. In 2008, the management of 3U Telecom Inc bought out 3U Telecom AG in a transaction that was finalized in December 2008.[1] 3U Telecom Inc changed its name to Telecom North America Inc in January 2009.[2]

Telecom North America services[edit]

Long distance and international calls[edit]

Telecom North America is registered in all 50 states as a long distance telephone provider. It provides 1+ long distance telephone service from landlines as well as international dial around service from cellular phones. These services are being distributed under the telna brand.[3]

Global roaming service[edit]

Since 2009, Telecom North America offers a GSM roaming service for international travelers. The customer gets a SIM card with an American phone number (since 2012, it is also possible to get numbers in Australia, Canada and Poland), that offers coverage in nearly 200 countries with any unsimlocked triband or quadband GSM phone or UMTS phone. This service is offered under the telna Mobile brand. The savings made possible with this service can reach 80% compared to the major US wireless carriers.[4]

Multi-IMSI Roaming Hub[edit]

In 2013, Telecom North America has commercially launched the ‘multi-IMSI roaming hub’, an international roaming services trading platform which allows mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) around the world to sell and buy roaming services to and from one another. The platform allows established MNOs to resell their outbound international roaming agreements to other members of the hub, at no CAPEX expense, while full MVNOs can resell services in their home countries to hub members.[5]

Wholesale carrier services[edit]

Telecom North America uses its agreements with over 60 worldwide carriers (mostly PTTs) to offer wholesale termination and origination services. Its termination services includes a premium routing offering higher quality and an economy routing offering a cheap alternative. Its origination services include DIDs and ITFS. Interconnects are offered via [Voice over IP] over the public internet, at various peering points or via direct connections. TDM interconnects are also offered in any of 3 POPs (New York, USA, Las Vegas, USA, Frankfurt, Germany). Telecom North America's wholesale services are distributed under the brand.


Telecom North America was founded by Jean Gottschalk and Herve Andrieu in March 2002. They are both graduates from Telecom & Management SudParis a highly specialized Business & Management school for telecommunications. Before graduating from Telecom & Management SudParis, they founded the French start-up Comparatel.[6] Their company was dedicated to educating the consumer market about competitive long distance providers by providing unbiased comparisons. ABN Amro invested 2 million euros in the venture,[7] that was sold in 2005 to ACC Long Distance, a French telecommunications group. Following their short experience with telecom providers and new technologies, Jean Gottschalk and Herve Andrieu partnered with 3U Telecom AG to launch their US subsidiary in 2002. At the end of 2008, they bought out the majority shareholder 3U Telecom AG and renamed the company Telecom North America Inc to better reflect the services offered and customers served by the company.


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