Telecom System in Bangladesh

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The Bangladesh telecommunications system contains several subsystems.


The domestic system is undergoing modernisation. Digital systems; trunk systems including VHF and UHF microwave radio relay links, and some fiber-optic cable are being introduced in the cities.

The international system consists of two Intelsat satellites in geostationary orbit orbit, international radiotelephone communications and landline services to neighboring countries.

Code system[edit]

  • The area code has 1-4 digits.
  • The Subscriber Number has 3-7 digits.
  • The Trunk Prefix is "0".
  • The international prefix is "00".
  • The International code is "00880" or, "+880" (Bangladesh).


There are two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as of 2000. As of 2002, 150,000 internet users lived in Bangladesh.

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