Telecommunications in Montserrat

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Montserrat possesses a number of telecommunications systems, including mobile and main line telephone, radio and television. The country code for Montserrat is "MS".

According to a July 2016 estimate by the CIA, Montserrat's fully digitalized telephone service had 3,000 subscribers while an estimated 5,000 mobile handsets were in use. An estimated 2,860 users have internet access.[1]

There are 17 internet service providers.

Montserrat possesses an AM radio station, and 2 FM stations. These serve 7,000 radios (by 1997 figures). There is one television broadcast station, which in 1997 was serving 3,000 televisions; the Peoples Television (PTV) is a free service providing news, documentaries, commercials and entertainment.[2][3] Cable and satellite television service is also available.[4]