Telecommunications in San Marino

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Phone booth in the City of San Marino

This article provides an outline of the telecommunications infrastructure in San Marino.


Landline telephone providers[edit]

Mobile network operators[edit]

Note: In addition the four Italian mobile network operators Iliad, TIM, Vodafone and Wind Tre can be received in San Marino.

Television and radio[edit]

San Marino has only one television network, San Marino RTV, which is owned by a company with the same name.[1] In 1997, there were approximately 9,000 television sets in the country.

San Marino has two radio networks, Radio San Marino and Radio San Marino Classic, also owned by San Marino RTV.[2] In 1997, there were approximately 16,000 radios in San Marino.


In 2010 there were 17,000 Internet users in San Marino.[3] San Marino's internet domain is .sm.


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