Telecommunications in Tonga

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This article is about communications systems in Tonga.


Main lines in use: 14,697 (2018)[1]

Telephones - mobile cellular: 107,938 (2018)[2]

Telephone system:

Fixed PSTN, GSM 900
domestic: NA
international: satellite earth station - 2 Intelsat (Pacific Ocean))


Broadcast stations: AM 1 (2005), FM 5 (2005), shortwave 1 (1998)

Radios: 61,000 (1997)


Broadcast stations: 4 (2005)

Televisions: 2,000 (1997)

In April 2002 the Tongasat company started its own satellite telecommunication service when it obtained the Esiafi 1 (former private American Comstar D4) satellite (launched in 1981) that was moved to Tonga's own geostationary point.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 2 (2005)

Country code (Top level domain): .to

Broadband internet communication is provided by the Tonga Cable System that went online in April 2018.[3]


Until 2002, the Auckland-based Pasifika Times was also circulated in Niue.