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The KTLA Telecopter was the world's first television news helicopter, which first went into operation in 1958.[1] The on-board video and audio equipment communicated with a line of sight KTLA transmitter receiver on top of Mount Wilson. The first helicopter was leased to KTLA by National Helicopter Service and Engineering Company in Van Nuys.[2] For several years, KTLA (channel 5) was the only TV station with a helicopter based TV camera crewed reporting platform.

The Telecopter was designed and introduced by KTLA chief engineer John D. Silva (1920-2012).[3]


The first three Telecopters were as follows:

Version Year Helicopter Notes
1 1958 Bell 47G-2 Equipment mounted externally
2 1959 Bell 47J-2 Ranger Equipment mounted internally
3 1969 Bell 206 JetRanger


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