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Telefarm Towers Shoreview (Shoreview, Minnesota)

Telefarm Towers Shoreview is a transmission site for FM radio and television broadcasting in Shoreview, Minnesota consisting of two guyed towers. The towers, commonly called simply the Shoreview Towers by local residents, are owned by Telefarm, Inc., which is a company jointly owned by the Twin Cities stations WCCO channel 4, KSTP channel 5, and KARE channel 11. The towers are used for both analog and digital television broadcasts, plus the transmission of KSTC channel 45 (owned by the same company as KSTP) and WUCW channel 23. Some area radio stations also use the facility. The towers were initially built in the 1970s, and were replacements for a single "candelabra" style tower which collapsed just prior to completion in 1971, killing six workers on the tower and one on the ground.

The towers were upgraded at the turn of the century to allow the addition of digital TV transmitters to meet Federal Communications Commission requirements. Because each antenna assembly weighs many tons, the towers had to be strengthened. Work took a bit longer than expected, and KSTP notably used its original broadcast tower along University Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota for digital transmission for about a year starting in late 1999 before the construction was finished.

Upgrades to the first tower were completed in 2000. It now rises 437.7 meters (1436 ft) from the ground. Its geographical coordinates are 45°03′44.0″N 93°08′22.0″W / 45.062222°N 93.139444°W / 45.062222; -93.139444.

Work on the second tower, which rises 438.3 m (1438 ft), was finished in 2001. It is located at 45°03′45.0″N 93°08′22.0″W / 45.062500°N 93.139444°W / 45.062500; -93.139444.


FM radio stations
Frequency Call sign Name Format Owner
91.1 KNOW MPR News News/Talk Minnesota Public Radio
94.5 KSTP KS95 Hot AC Hubbard Broadcasting
107.1 KTMY myTalk 107.1 Female-Oriented Talk Hubbard Broadcasting


Channel Callsign Affiliation Branding Subchannels Owner
(Virtual) Channel Programming
4.1 WCCO CBS WCCO 4 4.2 Decades CBS Corporation
5.1 KSTP ABC 5 Eyewitness News 5.7 Heroes & Icons Hubbard Broadcasting
5.2 KSTC Ind. 45 TV 5.3
Antenna TV
This TV
Hubbard Broadcasting
11.1 KARE NBC KARE 11 11.2
WeatherNation TV
Justice Network
Tegna, Inc.
23.1 WUCW CW CW 23 23.2
Sinclair Broadcast Group

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