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Teleflip was a free service providing two-way email to/from SMS text-message conversion. These two parts are:

  • Flipout, their free email-to-SMS/text service. To use this service, the user sent an email to <Recipients Cell Phone Number> For example,; (310); and were valid email addresses. Teleflip was strongly anti-spam and implemented spam filters to block spammers.
  • FlipMail was Teleflip's free SMS-to-email, enabling cellphones to receive e-mail via SMS rather than a Carrier-provided SMS-to-Email.

FlipMail supported only cell phone carriers in North America, including cell phone carriers in the USA. The Teleflip service was free, but cellphone carriers frequently collected fees for SMS messages delivered to the recipient.

Teleflip was founded by Guy Botham and developed by Scott Stephany in 2003 in Los Angeles, California and the Teleflip services debuted in 2005. The service was featured in many publications such as the New York Times, PC Magazine, Seattle Times, and Popular Science.

On August 12, 2008 Chief Executive Tony Davis e-mailed subscribers that the company, which at one time had as many as 25 employees, was shutting down its services and would explore selling its technology.[1]

As of September 6, 2008 the official Teleflip website was non-functional and SMS message delivery failed. [2]


Teleflip Shuts Down Flipmail, Is Flipout Next? story (Aug 12, 2008)

Teleflip's final Flipmail, Alec Saunders' Personal Soapbox, [1] (Aug 12,2008)

New York Times Article by David Pogue.


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