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Stockholm metro station
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Coordinates59°17′53″N 17°59′49″E / 59.29806°N 17.99694°E / 59.29806; 17.99694Coordinates: 59°17′53″N 17°59′49″E / 59.29806°N 17.99694°E / 59.29806; 17.99694
Owned byStorstockholms Lokaltrafik
Opened5 April 1964
Preceding station   Stockholm metro   Following station
toward Fruängen
T14 line
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Telefonplan ("Telephone Square") is an outdoor station on the red line of the Stockholm metro. The station is located in the borough of Hägersten. It was opened in 1964.

Unlike most of the stations lying nearby, namely among others Midsommarkransen and Hägerstensåsen, the station's name does not refer to any specific area or a specific suburb. Instead, the station's name refers to a small square situated just west of the station's main entrance.

The subway station initially mainly served the Ericsson headquarters, Ericsson's main factory and the nearby situated service apartments of those working in the factory. Ericsson's headquarters moved to Kista in 2003. Nowadays, the facilities of the factory have been taken over by the Swedish University College of Arts, and plans are to build a design center close to the station. The area right east of the station is currently a construction site for new residential buildings, and plans to reconstruct the underground station as well as the whole area of Telefonplan are developed to a quite major extent. There have also been plans to build a skyscraper close to the station, this to stress the new Stockholm that the Stockholm municipality wishes to construct in the area.[citation needed]

Indie music club Landet is situated just some hundred meters from the station, this having made the station and the area more crowded nighttime than ever before.

The station also serves the inhabitants of Västberga, and buses to closely situated to Solberga and Älvsjö start from here.