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Telegraaf Media Groep
Public company
IndustryMass media

Telegraaf Media Groep N.V. (TMG) is a large Belgian media company with activities in the Netherlands, with brands like De Telegraaf, DFT, Telesport, Metro, Autovisie, Privé and VROUW; regional newspapers like Haarlems Dagblad and Noordhollands Dagblad; digital brands such as GeenStijl and Dumpert, and the national radio station Classic FM. In addition, TMG owns dozens of other brands that focus on local news, entertainment and e-commerce. Via Keesing Media Group, the company publishes international puzzle magazines and digital puzzles.

TMG holds a 22.85 % stake in a joint venture with Talpa Holding, which operates the radio stations Radio 538, Sky Radio, Radio Veronica, Radio 10 and thematic channels (only on Internet). In addition, the television channel TV 538.[1]

De Telegraaf, the most popular newspaper in the Netherlands, is its flagship publication. Between 1999 and 2014, it published the free daily newspaper Spits. In 2012, it acquired the free daily newspaper Metro.

TMG acquired the popular weblog GeenStijl (after initially buying an interest) and Hyves, at that time still the most popular social network site in the Netherlands.

TMG was formerly known as the NV Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf.


De Telegraaf GroupDeal De Krommenieër
De Financiële Telegraaf (DFT) De Zaankanter
Privé Heemsteedse Courant
Telesport Haarlems Weekblad
VROUW Heemsteedse Courant
Autovisie Hyves Games Helders Weekblad
Metro Blog Society Het Gezinsblad
Sky Radio Laarder Courant de Bel
Classic FM Nieuwsblad voor Huizen
Radio Veronica Nieuwsblad De Kennemer
Wendy Nieuwsblad Santpoort en Velserbroek Denksport
Noordhollands Dagblad IJmuider Courant Nieuwsblad voor Castricum
Haarlems Dagblad Baarns Weekblad Schager Weekblad
Leidsch Dagblad Stadsblad De Echo Vecht Journaal
De Gooi- en Eemlander Witte Weekblad Weekblad voor Ouder Amstel
Dumpert Haarlems Weekblad Westfries Weekblad
Upcoming Alkmaars Weekblad Wieringer Courant
GeenStijl De Duinstreek Woonbode
Das Kapital De Gooi en Eembode De Koerier

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