Telegraf (Baltimore newspaper)

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Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Vaclav Joseph Shimek, August Klecka
Founder(s) Vaclav Joseph Shimek
Publisher Čes.-Am. vydavatelské družstvo
Editor Rev. Frank Novak
Founded 1909
Language Czech
Headquarters Baltimore, Maryland, USA
OCLC number 9483768

The Telegraf was a local weekly newspaper published in Baltimore, Maryland. The newspaper ran for 42 years, from February 20, 1909 until 1951. It was directed at the Czech community in Baltimore and was published in the Czech language.[1][2] The newspaper was founded and first published by Vaclav Joseph Shimek, who also founded the Grand Lodge Č.S.P.S. of Baltimore.[3] After 1929, the newspaper was edited by the Rev. Frank Novak and published by August Klecka.[4]

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