Solomon Islands S-League

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Telekom S-League
Telekom S-League (Solomon Islands).png
Country Solomon Islands
Confederation OFC
Founded 2003
Divisions 1
Number of teams 9
Level on pyramid 2
League cup(s) Championship Series
International cup(s) Champions League
Current champions Western United F.C.
Most championships Koloale FC (4 times)
2014–15 Telekom S-League

The Solomon Islands S-League (or the Telekom S-League for sponsorship reasons) is the top division of the Solomon Islands Football Federation. It was previously known as the Solomon Islands National Club Championship and was founded in 2003. The inaugural season with the new name was in 2011. There also is Telekom S League U16 Boys.


The teams play a double round robin to decide the S-League champion. All teams of the league also play a knockout tournament after the season, the Championship Series. The winners of both competitions play a two legged playoff for a place in the OFC Champions League.[1] Both titles are awarded with a $150,000 price. Should a team win both competitions, it is automatically qualified for the Champions league.


Club Championship (2003-2011)[edit]

The Solomon Islands S-League was founded in 2003 where Koloale FC won the Club Championship. They would have the National Club Championship up until 2010 where they introduced the S-League.

Telekom S-League (2011-present)[edit]

In 2011 the competition was renamed to S-League.[2] Eleven teams applied for eight places in the initial season, namely Marist, Koloale, KOSSA, Solomon Warriors, Makuru, Northern United, Central United and Hana from Honiara; Western United from Western Province, Sokamora from Makira Ulawa Province and Fasi Roos from Malaita Province. The clubs whose applications were accepted by the Solomon Islands Football Federation finally were: Marist, Koloale, KOSSA, Solomon Warriors, Makuru, Hana, Western United and Fasi Roos.[3]

The Inaugural S-League season 2011 was won by Koloale FC.


Teams for the 2015-16 season.

Championship Winners[edit]

Solomon Islands National Club Championship/Telekom S-League[edit]

Previous winners of the league are:[4]

Premiership Titles[edit]

:Note: As of the 2010-11 season, they had the final series. Every season before that only had no final series.

Final Series Titles[edit]

O-League Playoffs[edit]


Season Best scorers Team Goals
2003-04 Solomon Islands Batram Suri
Solomon Islands Tinoni Ratu
Koloale FC
Koloale FC
2011-12 Solomon Islands Benjamin Totori Koloale FC 23[6]


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