Telemetry of a Fallen Angel

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Telemetry of a Fallen Angel
Studio album by The Crüxshadows
Released 1995
Genre Gothic rock
The Crüxshadows chronology
...Night Crawls In
Telemetry of a Fallen Angel
Until the Voices Fade...

Telemetry of a Fallen Angel (1995) is a studio album by The Crüxshadows, and was their first release on CD. This album marks the beginning of "The Angel IV Cycle", a thread linking many of The Crüxshadows' songs together to weave a story.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Descension"
  2. "Monsters"
  3. "Jackal Head"
  4. "Prometheus"
  5. "Clerestory"
  6. "Walk Away"
  7. "Miss Fortune Returns"
  8. "My World"
  9. "Fallen Angel"
  10. "Hanged Man"
  11. "Purgatory"
  12. "Marilyn, My Bitterness"
  13. "Daedelus Flight...Icarus Falls"
  14. "Satellite"


There are four different versions of this album:

  • The first version was released in 1995 under their own label, Black Widow Music.
  • The second version was released in 1996 under the label, Nesak International.
  • The third version was released in 1998 under the label, Dancing Ferret Discs.
  • The fourth and last version was released in 2004. All of the songs were remastered and there was a bonus track included: Marilyn, my Bitterness V2.0 Radio Edit.


  • Tim Curry - guitars, backup vocals
  • Sean Flanagan - keyboards, synth programming
  • Rogue - vocals, violin, drum programming