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Telenet Japan Co., Ltd. (株式会社日本テレネット Kabushiki-gaisha Nihon Terenetto?) was a Japanese video game and software developer founded in October 1983 by Kazuyuki Fukushima. The company was also known as Nippon Telenet (or Nihon Telenet). The company was best known for the Valis series as well as its Wolfteam, Laser Soft and RiOT divisions (the former of which created Tales of Phantasia, the first game in the Tales series). The company's North American subsidiary, Renovation Products was eventually acquired by Sega. The company closed its doors on October 25, 2007.[1] Currently, Sunsoft has acquired Telenet's entire software library, with plans of re-releasing old titles for Virtual Console or remaking them.[2]

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