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"Teleocrater" is a designation (nomen nudum) given to an undescribed genus of prehistoric reptile. It was an archosaur (or archosauromorph) originally thought to be a dinosaur. The name "Teleocrater" was coined by English paleontologist Alan Charig in his 1956 doctoral dissertation, but has never been formally published. The same thesis named "Mandasuchus", another archosauriform.[1]








Position of "Teleocrater" relative to other Archosauromorphs, based on Ricqles et al. (2008).

A 2008 bone histology study of early archosauriforms tentatively identified "Teleocrater" as an archosauromorph which was closely related to, though not a member of, the Erythrosuchidae, a family of early reptiles slightly predating the true archosaurs. The authors also could not assign a family to "Teleocrater".[1]


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