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Public EuronextRCF NYSERCF.PA
Industry Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, ISP, Media, Manufacturing, Mobile, Retail, Service, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities,Pharmaceuticals and Travel.
Founded 1978, as Teleperformance[1]
Founder Daniel Julien[2]
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people

Daniel Julien, Chairman of the Board of Directors Jacques Berrebi, President Strategy Committee, M&A, Government & Financial Relations

Members of the Board of Directors: Olivier Rigaudy,Norberto Varas, Dominic Dato, Alejandro Perez, Paulo César Salles Vasques and Brigitte Daubry.
Services Technical support, Customer Care, Sales, Offshore, Research, ARM.
Revenue Increase €2,058 billion (2010)
Number of employees

Teleperformance is a customer service, technical support, and sales call center outsourcing company. It operates 147,000 agent workstations and nearly 190,000 employees across 311 contact centers in 65 countries including the UK, Brazil, Chile, India, Philippines, China , Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Norway, Italy and Australia.[3] Teleperformance conducts programs in more than 66 different languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in various industries. The company's headquarters is in Paris, France. It was founded in 1978 by Daniel Julien.

Teleperformance Supervisory Board has nine members, five of whom are independent members. Independent concept is defined in the Internal Regulations of the Supervisory Board in accordance with the principles of corporate governance, as defined in the Afep-Medef report. The Supervisory Board is assisted by two permanent specialized committees that report to it.

Teleperformance USA

Teleperformance USA, a subsidiary company of Teleperformance is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company has call centers throughout the United States. In 2006, Teleperformance announced the merger of its two most significant U.S. business entities, Teleperformance USA and CallTech Communications, LLC and retained the Teleperformance name.[4][5]

Teleperformance USA manages and oversees all English speaking operations to the U.S. market from onshore, nearshore & offshore locations.

Class Action Lawsuit

On May 7, 2008 a class action lawsuit was filed against Teleperformance USA seeking unpaid wages for employees and alleging a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. As of April 28, 2010, the case is in a process of settlement.[6][7][8] As of May 19, 2010, a settlement was reached for $2 million.[9]


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