Telephone numbers in Chile

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Chile telephone numbers
Country Chile
Continent South America
Access codes
Country calling code +56
International call prefix 1xx0
Trunk prefix 0

The following telephone numbers in Chile are geographic area codes for all national and international calls terminating in Chile.

Geographic area codes[edit]

Northern Zone[edit]

Central Zone[edit]

Central-Southern Zone[edit]

Southern Zone[edit]

Addition of a new digit in current landlines numbers[edit]

In 2012 and 2013, land lines were renumbered, with an additional digit 2 prepended.[2] The change was rolled out gradually by area code; first in Santiago (Region Metropolitana) and Arica in late 2012, then throughout all remaining regions between March and July 2013.

Now when calling a landline, area code and an extra 2 are always added at the beginning of the number, or between the area code and number when calling from a different area code or from a mobile phone. E.g. a formerly seven digit Santiago number (02) XXX XXXX is now 22XXX XXXX, and a formerly six digit Punta Arenas number (061) YYY YYY is now 612YYY YYY.

Geographical Zones[edit]

Special Services[edit]

There are a number of special numbers for public services, and they are in the format 1XY. The most important ones are:

  • 130 Forest fires (Incendios forestales)
  • 131 Ambulance (SAMU)
  • 132 Firefighters (Bomberos)
  • 133 Police Emergency (Emergencias Policiales)
  • 134 Investigaciones
  • 135 Drugs hot line (Fono drogas)[3]
  • 136 Mountain Rescue (Cuerpo de Socorro Andino)
  • 137 Sea Rescue (Rescate Marítimo de la Armada)
  • 139 Police Information (Informaciones Policiales)
  • 147 Child abuse (Fono niños)
  • 149 Family Violence (Fono familia)

Long Distance Carriers[edit]

In Chile it is necessary to choose the carrier for international long distance calls every time and therefore to obtain the best rate for any destination. Long distance carriers have a prefix that must be dialed when calling long distance:

XXX + 0 + country code + area + phone

The current carrier codes are:[4]

  • 110 Claro Chile
  • 111 VTR Chile
  • 112 Convergia Chile
  • 113 Transam
  • 114 Chile
  • 115 Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Netonone
  • 116 Heilsberg
  • 119 Concert Chile
  • 120 Globus
  • 121 Telefónica del Sur
  • 122 Gtd Manquehue
  • 123 Entel Larga Distancia
  • 124 GSP Chile
  • 125 Equant Chile
  • 127 Sur Telecomunicaciones
  • 151 Astro
  • 153 STEL-CHILE S.A
  • 154 MiCarrier Telecomunicaciones
  • 155 Claro Chile
  • 158 Fibersat
  • 169 Carrier 169
  • 170 Impsat Chile
  • 170 Global Crossing
  • 171 Claro Chile
  • 176 NetChile
  • 177 Empresa de Transporte de Señales
  • 180 Hogar de Cristo
  • 181 Movistar
  • 188 Telefónica CTC

Mobile phone numbers[edit]

Mobile network: 9 digits, starting with a 9 plus 8 digits starting with 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 or 4.

Calls from a landline phone to mobile phones have to use the full nine digits number: e.g.: 99X-XXX-XXX, 98X-XXX-XXX, 97X-XXX-XXX, 96X-XXX-XXX, 95X-XXX-XXX or 94X-XXX-XXX

Calls between mobile phones have to be dialed without the first 9. e.g.: 9XXX-XXXX, 8XXX-XXXX, 7XXX-XXXX, 6XXX-XXXX, 5XXX-XXXX or 4XXX-XXXX.

IP Telephony[edit]

The Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) created the possibility of telephone service using Internet as a connection technology.[5] The dialing plan was modified to have a zone and uses the prefix 44, resulting in numbers such as 044XXXXXXXX for members using IP Telephony.

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