Telephone numbers in Denmark

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Denmark telephone numbers
Country Denmark
Continent Europe
Type closed
NSN length 8
Access codes
Country calling code +45
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none

Denmark generally uses an eight digit closed telephone numbering plan. Subscriber numbers are portable with respect to provider and geography,[1] i.e. fixed line numbers can be ported to any physical address in Denmark.


Designation Range
Reserved for a national or
standard European prefix:[2]
01-xx-xx-xx - 09-xx-xx-xx
Carrier preselect: 10-xx
Short numbers: 11-x - 12-x
Network access codes: 16-xx-x
Mobile phones: 20-xx-xx-xx - 31-xx-xx-xx
40-xx-xx-xx - 42-xx-xx-xx
50-xx-xx-xx - 53-xx-xx-xx
60-xx-xx-xx - 61-xx-xx-xx
91-xx-xx-xx - 93-xx-xx-xx
Landlines/ISDN: 32-xx-xx-xx - 36-xx-xx-xx
38-xx-xx-xx - 39-xx-xx-xx
43-xx-xx-xx - 49-xx-xx-xx
54-xx-xx-xx - 59-xx-xx-xx
62-xx-xx-xx - 66-xx-xx-xx
72-xx-xx-xx - 79-xx-xx-xx
86-xx-xx-xx - 89-xx-xx-xx
96-xx-xx-xx - 99-xx-xx-xx
M2M numbers: 37-xx-xxxx-xxxx[3]
Spare numbers: 13-xx-xx-xx - 15-xx-xx-xx
67-xx-xx-xx - 68-xx-xx-xx
83-xx-xx-xx - 85-xx-xx-xx
94-xx-xx-xx - 95-xx-xx-xx
Split charge numbers: 70-xx-xx-xx
Freephone: 80-xx-xx-xx
Premium Rate: 90-xx-xx-xx

Split charge is not generally used in Denmark anymore; calls to 70 numbers are usually charged as regular landline calls. A few exceptions do exist, e.g., 70 10 11 55 (the TDC speaking clock service).

Special numbers[edit]

  • Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance): 112
  • Police (non-emergency (Nearest physically Police Station, if calling from landline, Copenhagen Police Headquarters, if calling from mobile phone)): 114
  • Other 3 digit short codes are reserved.
  • Carrier select codes: 10xx
  • Service numbers (such as directory enquiries): 18xx
  • Carrier select codes for data: 16xxx
  • Social services: 116xxx